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Our Hustler Of The Day is Jaime McCormick

Jaime was born in Muncie Indiana, in 1970. And with a single mother did a lot of moving attending 10 schools in 5 different states. His brother passed away in 1990 leaving him an only child.

Jaime is very aware that his shortcomings in life were directly due to his choices. There is no one else to blame.

When he was a teenager he became a national junior show dog champion, training Australian Shepards.

In 1992 He started martial arts in Oklahoma. Rising to the rank of a 2nd-degree black belt in the U.S.M.A.A (the United States Martial Arts Association) and in a conversation with his instructor in 94 it was relayed he should consider trying out for the Olympic team for the 1996 summer games.

Jaime instead became addicted to meth and cocaine and other unmentionables. In 01 his girlfriend said she was pregnant, that’s when he turned his life around.

He has worked in the psychiatric field for the past 8 years. He conducts hundreds of groups and speeches a year, focusing on cognitive restructuring, gratitude, forgiveness, and power of words.

Jaime is a soon to be an author and in the process of starting his own business, Mindset Management Solutions. Which through face to face meetings and online coaching provides individuals with the tools to overcome depression, anxiety, suicidal and negative thoughts in their personal and professional life.

Jaime’s main goal in life is to reach as many people as he can before his last breath and help them understand that as long as they have breath, they have a purpose, and as that they are worthy simply because they exist.

I am humbled and honored to call him The Next Guest on Stay Humble Hustle Hard LIVE with Tucker Bearden

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