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Our Hustler Of The Day is Rosalyn Kahn

For nearly 2 decades Rosalyn Kahn has been teaching and coaching how to overcome their #1 fear: the art of public speaking.

Rosalyn’s “Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World” and “Dogs and Roses: How to Reduce Stress in Troubled Times” books are available on Amazon; published by Solutions Press and an international book tour.

Rosalyn TEDx experience is featured in the book: “Linkedin for Business Experts”. Ms. Kahn is working on another book “Behind the Mic” that includes an interview on Honorable Diane Watson for her 24-year service to state and federal government.

You may have seen Rosalyn on TEDx talks:
-“Language Comes to Life.” Tedx Conejo 2013.
-“Coming Around the Curve” Tedx Youth South Hills High School 2015 and/or
-“Breaking Cultural Barriers” Tedx Youth Walnut 2016
Rosalyn has trained a number of TEDx speakers as well.

Rosalyn has presented to 200+ organizations with mainly authors, speakers and investors in their audiences.
Her speaking engagement included
-Beverly Hill Networking Group
-Anglo American Bookstore Rome, Italy
-Storytelling Club
-18th Annual Southern CA Technology Conference
-Project Manager’s Institute Career Fair
-workshop for Assemblymen Adrian

She’s also working with clients from the National Association of Business Owners, Project Managers to business executives in the hospitality, real estate, counseling, entertainment and athletes at major So. CA universities.

Rosalyn’s coaching to her clients is filled with passion and sincerity that brings even the humble individuals to shine. Her talks are known to motivate move and inspire others to great business success.

Rosalyn’s goal is to work on a foundation that provides education and learning for underserved youth. Her greatest joy is helping undercover their emotional baggage from the family, friends to move to a more peaceful self and live happier and joyful life.

Text Rosalyn (818)730-0441

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